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I began to see Ingrid for issues related to allergies and digestive health. Before I started the sessions with her, I had frequent allergic symptoms to foods and external things like animal fur and pollen. I was also frequently unable to digest many different types of foods without feeling tired, bloated or uncomfortable. Ingrid very thoroughly went through my entire medical history, my physical and mental symptoms, as well as my diet at the time. She helped me understand how a lot of the symptoms I felt were connected even though seemingly far apart. Through a 6-8 week diet change and very helpful supplementation, I felt completely different. My symptoms disappeared and I felt energetic like I had not done in a long time. Even after adding the foods that I had omitted back into my diet, they didn’t affect me like they had before. 


Ingrid was incredibly available, answering questions by text throughout the process, her follow-up sessions were immensely helpful as well as the recipe ideas that she provided. 

Changing your diet can be seem like a daunting challenge but Ingrid made it feel approachable and exciting. I highly recommend her and her work, she thoroughly researched my combination of symptoms and listened very carefully to how I was feeling, before, during, and after following the nutrition plan.

- Tatjana T.
London, United Kingdom

I was really struggling with energy and motivation around my diet but also life in general. Working with Ingrid has helped me enormously. She pointed out simple things that I was missing, that on reflection, if she hadn’t have pointed out I fear what could have happened.  I was hurting my body without even realising it. She helped my understanding of the complex body chemistry that I was negatively impacting with my current diet.

I have valued the way that she did not patronise me but educated me in a very considerate, compassionate and passionate way. She is very passionate in what she does, that is clear to see.

I now feel that I know what to do and what to put in my body. There are no excuses now and she, very quickly, helped me to understand basics, that actuall are not common knowledge but should be!

Ingrid is excellent at sharing her passion for nutrition and actually got me, someone who sees food in a very neutral way, to be passionate about it. I found I was seeing real results very quickly. My energy levels increased and my sense of readiness for the day got better as a result of our work together.

Ingrid is wonderful and I recommend her to anyone.

- Josh C.
Bristol, United Kingdom

I was facing difficulties in maintaining my focus and energy levels throughout the day. However, after seeking Ingrid's consultation, I was able to improve both aspects significantly. What I appreciated the most about Ingrid was her honesty and transparency throughout the process. Now, I feel confident in my knowledge about which nutrition suits me best. Ingrid's kindness and broad expertise also made the entire experience a positive one.

- Boris T.
Berlin, Germany

If I had to choose one word to describe my experience working with Ingrid, it would be ‘empowerment’. As well as carefully and consciously tailoring the nutrition plan to my specific needs, she gave me extensive knowledge and tools which finally made me feel more confident and in control of my health journey, as well as broadening my perspective on health in general. I came to her with long standing IBS symptoms and she not only helped me relieve those physical symptoms, she also equipped me with knowledge and exercises to help with my nervous system, which was one of the main root causes.


What I have learnt about the connection between my nervous system and physical symptoms, has been immensely helpful in tackling other aspects of my life. Ingrid is incredibly caring and encouraging which is very important for me when working with health practitioners. I couldn’t recommend her enough!

- Natalie F.
Lisbon, Portugal

I went to see Ingrid for several different health issues I had been experiencing. Throughout the entire process, she was very open, empathetic and I felt that she was genuinely interested in helping me. Not only was she able help with my eczema and anxiety but also with optimizing my overall health, allowing me to feel better than I have ever before! Her guidance and support has been invaluable and something I can carry with me for the rest of my life.

- T.B
Lisbon, Portugal

Ingrid really helped me reevaluate my diet and lifestyle. Her in-depth and holistic approach gave me a healthy toolkit to change my life for the better. I’ve felt  meaningful improvements in my skin and overall well-being, that have continued after our sessions.

- Sebastian T.
London, United Kingdom

Ingrid helped me a lot on my path of change. I wanted to stop drinking and balance my habits, mainly food habits and address my microbiome imbalances. By having a couple of session and understanding more my patterns, everything changed: my energy levels got higher and I managed to wake up energised. It was the beginning of a beautiful path that profoundly changed my life. 

- F. T. 
Lisbon, Portugal

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