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Herbs and Vegetables

Transforming Brain Health, Mental Well-being, and Vitality Through Nutrition

Discover your body’s innate healing capacity

and take charge of your health

Bio-individual and Scientifically-backed Health Solutions with Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy merges scientific principles with natural approaches to enhance your overall well-being. It delves into the core factors contributing to health concerns, considering your individual biochemistry, surroundings, and genetic makeup. This holistic approach acknowledges the essential connection between mental and physical health, resulting in a customized and sustainable journey towards improved wellness and vitality.

Brain Health Optimisation

Enhance cognitive function, focus, and memory through tailored nutritional strategies. Discover the power of nutrient-rich foods that support your brain's health and longevity.

Mental Wellness Support

Combat stress, anxiety, and mood imbalances with a holistic approach to nutrition. Learn how specific nutrients can positively impact your mental health and emotional resilience.

Energy Revitalisation

Banish fatigue and boost your vitality with expert advice on energy-optimising foods and lifestyle adjustments. Reclaim your zest for life with sustainable, natural energy sources.

"I was facing difficulties in maintaining my focus and energy levels throughout the day. However, after seeking Ingrid's consultation, I was able to improve both aspects significantly. What I appreciated the most about Ingrid was her honesty and transparency throughout the process."

- Boris T.

(Berlin, Germany)

  • Experiencing Brain Fog, a persistent mental haze affecting clarity?

  • Battling constant fatigue and energy slumps throughout the day?

  • Feeling reliant on coffee and stimulants for alertness?

  • Wrestling with symptoms of anxiety?

  • Suffering from low mood and motivation?

  • Experiencing a tired-but-wired feeling at night?

  • Feeling groggy in the morning despite getting enough sleep?

  • Struggling to maintain focus and concentration like you used to?

Are you struggling with any of the following?

Discover how Nutritional Therapy can help you address these symptoms 

How does it work?




Book in for a free 15 min discovery call or submit an email inquiry. This is an opportunity for us to discuss your health concerns, goals, and any questions you may have about my approach. From there, we can determine if you would like to move forward and work together.




The Initial consultation is a deep dive into your health history and current presenting symptoms. This comprehensive assessment includes a review of your dietary intake, past laboratory testing and any medications or supplements you may be taking. You will then receive a Naturopathic Nutrition health protocol, including dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations  personalised to your needs




The third stage is the follow-up consultation, where we will review your progress with the initial plan and make any necessary adjustments. This is an opportunity to dig deeper and identify any underlying factors that may be contributing to your symptoms. By working together over time, we can develop a long-term plan for optimal health and wellbeing.

Meeting Room Business

Corporate Wellness through personalised Nutritional Therapy 

Invest in your employee's health with the Nutrition Walk-in Clinic Service, designed to optimise brain health, cognition and energy levels for enhanced employee performance and improved mental well-being. This on-site service brings a specialised Nutritional Therapist to your workplace, providing employees with personalised consultations and actionable insights to boost their overall health.

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